She lost 20 lbs

She lost 20 lbs

Before Finding Terra Nova Fitness my struggles were with trying to lose weight and find out what workouts work for me.

My biggest frustrations before joining Terra Nova Fitness were in not being able to lose weight and get where I wanted to be and basically not seeing any progress.

I was not comfortable in my own body and how I felt. I used to look in the mirror and think I was ugly. Not because I was but because I felt ugly because I was not getting any progress.

I felt like I couldn't wear a bikini or go to the beach and it was effecting how I felt about myself.

Terra Nova Fitness helped me figure out what works for me.

They gave me exercises that helped build up my core and muscle.

They also helped me rehab my ACL knee injury.


My ACL is fully rehabbed so that is awesome.

I’m losing body fat percentage very week while maintaining muscle.

I’m eating healthier which is great while learning the right portions to consume.

I’m also happier and when I look at myself in the mirror i’m also more confident.

I’m a positive person and I know what is right for my body.

I get to be here ( At Terra Nova Fitness) which is awesome!

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