Motivation: Do I Really Need It?

Motivation: Do I Really Need It?

This week I wanted to talk about the idea of Motivation. Do we really need it to start working on our health? Is it necessary to get that extra push to go into the gym and to start “trying to eat in a healthful way”?

I distinctly remember my graduate school days, back when I was tired and overweight. I would sit in front of a computer or stack of books for hours, drinking coffee and eating badly to get through the long tedious hours of writing and studying. Every once in a while, I would get the idea that I needed to “get some motivation and exercise”. I would attempt to go for a walk or go to the university gym for a week or so. Then I would “lose my motivation” and stop going. Exercise was something that was not part of my life. And I would use my “loss of motivation” as an excuse to stop going. But what is the difference between then and now? Do I actually have motivation or is it something else completely?

The major “kick in the butt” was my first realization that I was gifted with only one body and that I should probably consider taking care of it. I had received the gift of a DNA test, the kind where you spit in a tube and mail it off for the lab to analyze. I spit in the tube and excitedly awaited my results. This was several years ago, back when the company would just tell you what is medically wrong with you without any warning. (Now you have to click on an agreement to look at your health results) I received my results and was excited to see that I am Native American and an assortment of other nationalities. I also got to see that I am predisposed to Type 2 Diabetes. At the time I was about 100 pounds overweight and not active. I had a toddler and an infant at home. I knew I had to change my way of thinking. I could no longer “hope for or try to get some motivation”. I wanted to be around for my children for a long time. Well, that and my fear of needles got me ready to try something new.

I started eating well and exercising. I joined Terra Nova Fitness and felt my body and attitude change. I no longer felt like I had to get motivation, because that is fleeting. I finally realized that motivation is something that goes away after a while. I have consistently gone to Terra Nova Fitness because it is something I have to do to feel physically good. If I do not go, I feel tired and drained. I also appreciate the camaraderie when I go to TNF. The other members and coaches all support each other, which is an amazing feeling.

I have had friends ask me “how do you get the motivation to go to the gym?”. I just reply that I don’t actually have motivation; I don’t wait around to get it. I have managed to ingrain exercise into my life and it is just something I have to do now. The camaraderie, support, feeling physically good after a workout, and so much more keep me going to Terra Nova Fitness. So, without fail, I always tell that friend who is asking about my motivation “don’t wait for motivation, motivation is fleeting, just make it part of your life. I will go with you and be a workout buddy!”. If you would like to join in on the camaraderie and support at Terra Nova Fitness, please reach out for a consultation. You won’t be sorry that you did!

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