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  • Reading your bodies signals

    Reading your bodies signals

    Reading Your Body's Signals In order to be able to control your hunger and stop eating when you’re full, you need to practice reading your body’s signals. The problem is, many of us run around all day, busy and frantic, which gets us out of tune with our bodies. Rest and Digest Digestion does not work properly within the sympathetic mode. The sympathetic mode of the body is part of the nervous system that’s pretty primal and out of your control. If you’ve ever heard the term “fight or flight”, this is a reference to the sympathetic nervous system. It is regulated by a part of our nervous system that is outside our consciousness and acts on ....

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  • 3 super easy recipes

    3 super easy recipes

    Today you will learn 3 super easy recipes that don't require much cooking skills at all. There are plenty of easy ways to add healthy, lean protein to help balance your meals throughout the day, without needing to constantly go out or rely on processed packaged junk foods. If “I just don’t have the time” is the excuse you’re falling back on, keep in mind that home cooking can often be less time consuming than going to pick up takeout -- and it will save you a ton of money. Put the savings toward the new wardrobe you will need.

    Create a meal plan for the ....

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  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

    Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

    One of the main things we don’t get enough of these days. There seems to be a badge of honor about how little one can sleep and still function. “I only need four hours of sleep!”
    “I will sleep when I’m dead.”
    How many times have you heard something like this? Or said it yourself? We can get by in the short term with less sleep but eventually it always catches up with us. No matter what, our bodies need recovery time and sleep is ideal. However, a lot of us don’t get enough quantity or quality of sleep. It is amazing how many people have sleep issues. Whether it’s sleep apnea, trouble falling asleep at night ....

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  • She lost 20 lbs

    She lost 20 lbs

    Before Finding Terra Nova Fitness my struggles were with trying to lose weight and find out what workouts work for me. My biggest frustrations before joining Terra Nova Fitness were in not being able to lose weight and get where I wanted to be and basically not seeing any progress. I was not comfortable in my own body and how I felt. I used to look in the mirror and think I was ugly. Not because I was but because I felt ugly because I was not getting any progress. I felt like I couldn't wear a bikini or go to the beach and it was effecting how I felt about myself. Terra Nova Fitness helped me figure out what works for me. They gave me exercises that helped build up my ....

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  • Easy Healthful Cooking Tips

    Easy Healthful Cooking Tips

    Before I dive into the topic this week, I wanted to quickly share that we are doing a shoe drive at Terra Nova Fitness. Gently used and new shoes are being collected for the nonprofit Soles for Souls. There is a collection box and a sign in sheet for all donations. Everyone who donates will be entered into a raffle to win some cool prizes! Please take a look in your closets, we are collecting all shoe sizes! This week, I wanted to share some tricks I use while cooking at home. A few friends have asked me what I cook at home and if I have any tips to share. Of course, I am in no way a nutritionist or professional! Having said that, implementing these habits is one of the many ways I ....

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